Comfort Pad in Coral Garden Wave Performance Fabric

Featherstones Comfort Pad with 2-inch luxurious lined Talalay latex foam insert covered with Coral Garden Wave Performance Piqué Fabric.


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This Comfort Pad is covered with Performance Piqué cloth made of 100% polyester fabric with two-way stretch. The soft, lightweight composition is perfect for moisture-wicking. The cover has a hidden zipper so it can be removed from the lined insert for gentle hand washing and line drying.

According to the sole U.S. manufacturer of our foam, our natural, uniform Talalay latex foam insert is made from rubber-based material harvested from the tropical hevea brasiliensis tree, which has a 25-year productive life. Talalay latex can be found in high-end bedding construction and offers exceptional pressure point relief naturally.

Talalay foam is:
Dust mite resistant
Odor free
Environmentally friendly

The Featherstones Comfort Pad uniquely conforms to and embraces your body for added comfort. It is made in the USA.

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Weight 29.17 oz
Dimensions 22 × 10 × 4 in

4 reviews for Comfort Pad in Coral Garden Wave Performance Fabric

  1. Margery, 89 years old

    Putting my plush Comfort Pad under my lower back, I had the best sleep in many a night.

  2. Colleen

    My son received an extensive back surgery to correct his scoliosis. He could not get comfortable sitting or lying down which was prohibiting him for healing. Once we were introduced to the Featherstones Comfort Pad he was finally comfortable and began his healing process!

  3. Ashley

    Who can lay on their chaise lounge or beach belly down comfortably? Not me! Once I received the Featherstones Comfort Pad as a gift, that all changed.

  4. Alex

    Having had recent breast surgery and being a stomach sleeper, I was uncomfortable laying on my chest. The Featherstones Comfort Pad changed all that! I am comfortable once again.

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