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Featherstones is a female-based massage therapy studio. I am pleased that you are in search of a special studio to receive relaxation and healing. I am sure that by visiting Featherstones, you will be completely satisfied with your wellness experience.At Featherstones, my number one concern is that you are entirely comfortable and pampered. From the moment you arrive to the time you leave. You will know you have been in a “Place of Tranquility to Restore Spirit and Well-Being”.

Upon arriving at Featherstones to receive a massage treatment you will know you have found a peaceful space for your healing. As you enter the healing rooms, you will notice the calming décor and colors mixed with soothing music.

The massage tables are oversized, which allows clients the added comfort and feeling of security. The massage table is heated with an FDA approved Biomat lined with fleece and soft flannel sheets topped with a warm fleece blanket. The many extra touches that go into a Featherstones massage only enhance your total experience.

Your massage at Featherstones is your own personal healing event and should not be considered an errand to be rushed through. You will understand this once you have completed your healing session.

Come experience the massage treatment you have been searching for.

Be sure to check out Featherstones Comfort Pad!
The Comfort Pad can be used during Massage Therapy, Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments, at the beach or pool, for stomach sleeping, at your yoga class, as well as for air, car, sea, or train travel.

Finally! A solution to your discomfort!


Lypossage is a clinically proven research based, all natural treatment that will re-contour and reduce inches off your body.

Therapies Offered

Therapeutic, Deep tissue Massage, Three in One Massage, LaStone Massage, Reiki with Soul Therapy, Prenatal Massage, Natural Inducement Massage, Natural Labor Inducement Technique Video

Labor Video

Our video offers a technique that begins the labor process in a safe and natural progression and reduces the need for a medically induced labor.

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