So thankful for my induction massage I had last Friday! Went into labor the next day and had my sweet baby girl! Thank you so much Leigh!!

I tried many methods of inducing labor without any success. I was beyond the point of ready! A friend recommended Leigh to me and said that she does a prenatal induction massage. I was a little skeptical but thought that a massage would calm me down and feel fantastic. I was right. The massage was great and she even taught me some breathing exercises that were new to me. I ended up in labor the same evening and delivered our daughter the following morning! A skeptic no longer! I know where I will be going regularly throughout my next pregnancy!

I have been referring obstetric patients to Leigh for Induction massage for the past ten years and trust her judgment and skills implicitly. Pregnancy is a time of excitement but also of anxiety at times, especially when a patient is anticipating a possible medical induction of labor. Induction massage offers the possibility of avoiding medical intervention and it has been successful for many of my patients.

I saw Leigh for a breech massage after learning at 36 weeks that my baby was frank breech. I was lucky enough to get in on a cancellation the very next day. During Leigh’s fabulous massage, while she was working on the baby, I felt extreme movement as if he was shifting. Less than a week later I had an ultrasound and it was confirmed baby was head down! I went on to avoid my scheduled c-section and delivered my baby vaginally and unmedicated as I had envisioned. I had also been seeing a chiropractor and acupuncturist as well as doing Spinning Babies exercises. If you are attempting to change the course of your delivery, know that these resources are available to you! And go see Leigh! Her energy is amazing.

I was lucky enough to get an appointment with Leigh due to a cancellation she had for an inducement massage on a Wednesday afternoon. I have never had a prenatal or inducement massage, and was a very uncomfortable 40 weeks pregnant. Leigh took time to sit with me before my massage and ask questions about my pregnancy. The massage itself was absolutely amazing. I don’t believe so have ever been that relaxed in my life! On Friday, less than 48 hours later at 4:30am, my water broke at home and I was experiencing cramping throughout the night. I arrived to the birthing unit around 545/6am and delivered a healthy baby boy at 1:55pm. I believe Leigh helped prepare my body and mind for delivery and I highly recommend her to anyone!

I heard about Leigh from a friend. I was in my final weeks of my third pregnancy and was more than ready to have my baby! I booked an appointment for the induction massage out of desperation but not really knowing what to expect. It was not only the best massage I have ever received but I went into labor three hours after I left my appointment. My son was born the next day!! Leigh has a gentle and spiritual way about her and helped to remind me of the magic of childbirth so I could celebrate Sam’s arrival into the world.

I have known Leigh professionally and have been a client of hers for the past eight years. I have always felt comfortable with referring my patients to Leigh to receive prenatal, induction and breech turning massage. She sees her clients as a whole person. She meets with you prior to the massage to truly assess your needs. Her hands are gifted and she knows how to administer therapy.

As a Doula, I have sent many of my clients to Leigh for induction massage. Whether it is a first time mom or a mother having her third baby, Leigh has a way of making them feel totally at ease. She gives them the confidence to believe in the birth process. Many a labor has begun because of Leigh’s amazing induction massage!

Leigh is absolutely amazing! I scheduled my induction massage with her about 6 weeks prior to my due date just Incase I went late again. She was able to schedule me for the day after my due date. I had heard wonderful things about her and she was recommended to me by several other moms. When I arrived at her spa she was very welcoming and her location was set up so nicely with several different massage rooms and even a lovely waiting room. Leigh started off our appointment by asking some more questions about myself, my pregnancy and prior pregnancy. She was very thorough in explaining her process and what all she would do. My massage was simply amazing and helped me to feel so relaxed! I even had a couple of contractions on the table! After my massage I experienced a few contractions that night and into the next day but nothing consistent or timetable. However Monday morning at 4:30 (exactly 36 hrs after my massage) I started to get contractions every 5 mins. By about 430 that night they were constant and getting closer together and then my water broke at 7:20 that night. Now whether it was coincidental or because of my massage I’ll never know but I highly recommend Leigh and booking her for either prenatal or induction massages!

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