Leigh’s November 2021 newsletter

November greetings to our wonderful friends of the Featherstones Comfort Pad!

We have so much to be thankful for as we head into Thanksgiving season, and all of you are at the head of my list. I am very grateful for all the support, feedback and well wishes as we went through this amazing journey developing the Comfort Pad.

I’m so excited about the successful launch of this awesome creation! After well over a year of development, it has all come together, and my baby is finding lots of new homes – so far in New England, Florida, the Midwest, and the West Coast.

I’m also excited about all of you who signed on to receive my monthly newsletter. Thank you for wanting to be in touch, and please feel free to reach out by emailing any thoughts, comments or questions to leigh@featherstonesinc.com. I would love to hear from you! And please feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone you think would enjoy it. Your family and friends are welcome to sign up for my newsletter at the website – I will never sell or give away anyone’s contact info.

Leigh Lench Smith

A special special

I want you to know that my Comfort Pad launch special is in effect through the end of this month. If you, or any of your friends or family want to take advantage of it, just use the LAUNCH20 code at checkout to get 20% off your entire order, which includes free shipping to anywhere in the USA. That applies to each version and style of the Comfort Pad as well as our Carry Bag. Just visit Comfort Pad – Featherstones (featherstonesinc.com), and thank you, sincerely, for passing the word to anyone you think could benefit from the Comfort Pad. They can learn all about it from the video and information on my website.

And please remember what time of year it is! The Comfort Pad would make a welcome holiday gift for your special recipient. No supply chain issues here. Not only is the Comfort Pad made in the USA, it’s in stock at our fulfillment center in Massachusetts and orders ship within hours of the online transaction being completed. They’re in stock and ready to go, and more are being made.


A great yoga prop

I like to think we’re going along on this journey together. Why? Well, like-minded persons’ circles of interests tend to intersect, right? From all the feedback I’ve gotten, there’s a real sense of bonding going on here. For example, someone might not be into Chiropractic services as I am – I can assure you, after 23 years of performing therapeutic massage, my monthly adjustment works wonders for me – but I bet we do share other interests, such as yoga or yummy nutrition.

For example, I attend yoga class whenever I can. I admit I don’t make every class – I’m kinda busy these days. But I do attend regularly. And I’m reminded each time of why I need to go. I enjoy yoga because it’s the one form of exercise that creates balance physically, emotionally and spiritually. Stretching in yoga is something we can all benefit from – it certainly helps my week go more smoothly!

Take a look at this photo, showing yoga students using the Comfort Pad under their lower back for this pose. The Comfort Pad works wonders for many yoga postures – it’s easy to think of how many ways it can provide comfort and support. Placing the Pad under your lower back, chest and knees will provide the comfort you’ve been looking for. Positioning the Comfort Pad vertically down your spine at the beginning of your practice or during Shavasana can relax and reset your nervous system.

Comfort Pad as yoga prop

You are what you eat!

As for nutrition, who was it who said, “You are what you eat?” I remember hearing that as a teenager. I think I saw that on the cover of a Prevention magazine back in the day.

I just did a Google dive, and it turns out a lot of people have said that, or variations of it, going back to the early 19th century. Well, who said it doesn’t matter. The fact is, we ARE what we eat!

My husband, Scott, and I share lots of traits – that’s a big part of the mutual attraction that ignited when we met five years ago – not the least of which is we love a really good dessert. Sometimes too much! So, full disclosure – we each put on a few too many COVID pounds as we sat around the homestead last year way too much for our liking, and helped keep the Tillamook Dairy ice cream people in business. So, yes, Tillamook ice cream is simply the best! If indulgence isn’t a bad word for you, give it a try. We admit to having a bit of a sweet tooth. But we do two things. We don’t overindulge, and we do eat really well (most of the time) – clean and lean. We got back on track after those cookie and ice cream binges and have lost most of the weight gain. Still a few to go, but we should be there soon.

Our favorite meals come from the Mediterranean diet cookbooks in our kitchen. Our favorite cookbook is “The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook” from America’s Test Kitchen. Those folks know their stuff and make cooking fun and easy.

I’m not going to talk up the merits of the Mediterranean diet – everyone already knows it. But I will share our approach to it, which I can best describe through a typical recipe of how we eat. And practically any variation on the Mediterranean theme will work. Here’s one we like to throw together for a couple of meals (and some lunches for Scott).

A great, warm recipe

One Pan Mediterranean Chicken


3 chicken breasts baked and shredded
1 sweet or Vidalia onion cut into thick chunks
½ yellow pepper, ½ red or orange pepper sliced
cherry tomatoes
kalamata olives
1 can small black beans drained
1 jar artichhokes
½ cup chicken bone broth
paprika, cumin, black pepper

In a large pan, sauté onions and peppers in olive oil to el dente
Add shredded chicken and bone broth
Mix together and continue heating at medium
Add cherry tomatoes (amount to your liking), black beans, artichokes and olives
Add spices to your taste preference. I like cumin, paprika and course black pepper
Cover until flavors blend and tomatoes have softened

Serve over brown rice or rice or pasta of your liking.
I add a few dashes of hot sauce to my serving.
Makes 8 servings, so be prepared for leftovers, or take someone a tasty, easy to heat meal.
This is very filling and healthy – enjoy!

Swear by bone broth

My last thought on nutrition for now – Scott and I both swear by bone broth. We’ve both had great success with Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet, which a friend introduced to me a few years ago. You likely know the benefits of bone broth, too; it’s really caught on. We start our day with a couple of cups of it, and it fires up our metabolism. One of our fun times we share is making it together. Dr. Kellyann has her recipes, and we have our version. If you would like to have ours, just shoot me an email, happy to share.


Okay, that’s it for this month. Except to ask a favor. If you have a Featherstones Comfort Pad, please leave a review and rating on that pad’s page at my online store and share with your social media friends. That will really help get the Comfort Pad noticed. This product, which has never existed before and is now patented, needs awareness created out in the world. We’re working hard to do that, and your help will be greatly appreciated. You have the sincere thanks of a budding entrepreneur!

As ever, please accept my sincere wish for your comfort!

With love, Leigh

PS. We have some new and growing social media sites. Please feel free to check them out and follow the ones you enjoy. We don’t badger, but we do post some good stuff and like to follow interesting people. Feel free to send us your social media sites, glad to follow! See you there!



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