Featherstones Transforms Through The Therapeutic Power Of Touch

Featherstones, Inc. of Kingston goes the extra mile for its massage clients. The therapeutic massage studio features an oversized table that is heated and lined with fleece and soft flannel bedding, and the massage room itself has a calming presence. These may seem like small details, but they matter to Featherstones’ owner and founder, licensed massage therapist Leigh Barton Lench. She also allots time before a session to get to know each client and their needs so she can customize each session.

“My clients have the ability to engage in talk therapy prior to their time on the table for body work,” she said. “The initial time that is taken is extremely beneficial in healing on all levels. I like to know what my clients’ needs are for their healing session.”

Featherstones offers a variety of therapeutic massage treatments and birthing services. Deep tissue massage, Reiki therapy, LaStone, or hot rock therapy, and cranio-sacral therapy are just some of the holistic treatments available at Lench’s studio. She specializes in massage for expectant mothers including pre-natal, natural breech baby turning, and labor inducement massage, which Lench developed herself through her extended training in pre-natal massage. Lench is also a hospice volunteer.

Lench performs labor inducement massage during the final week of pregnancy once a caregiver has determined that the baby’s arrival is within days. New to the studio is a natural labor inducement couples class, so that partners can help prepare for a natural birth using hands-on massage techniques.

“I enjoy working with the prenatal and postnatal population,” she said. “My goal is to get the word out to women of the importance of prenatal and postnatal massage as well as to explain their many options during pregnancy, labor and delivery.”

Lench has been a licensed massage therapist in the state of Massachusetts since 1999. She also holds certification in birth doula training, and completed training in several specialized forms of massage. From a young age she has enjoyed helping others and at one time contemplated a career in nursing before becoming intrigued with the holistic health and massage therapy field. At Featherstones and at private homes and hospitals, she treats clients with cerebral palsy as well as those that have had injuries, strokes, cancer, and other health conditions.

“My passion continues and builds every day,” she said. “I believe in assisting my clients in relieving all types of pain and discomfort, whether it is of a mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual nature.”

Massage delivers many benefits and as Lench explains, is no longer viewed as a purely luxury treatment. It reduces stress, boosts the immune system, releases toxins which can bring on illness, helps promote better sleep, self-esteem and overall better health.

“Massage therapy releases our cortisone which is our stress hormone,” she said. “Stress is the root of all illness on all levels.”

Featherstones also offers Lypossage, an all-natural body contouring treatment that can reduce inches and cellulite. The sessions last anywhere from 30-90 minutes, and an herbal detox body wrap can be added onto any Lypossage treatment.

To learn more about Lench’s and Featherstones’ therapies and to schedule a session, visit https://featherstonesinc.com.

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