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My web designer and I are currently creating a pay per view site to watch, learn and utilize my Natural Labor Induction Massage video which was created in 2012. This will be a wonderful addition to the induction massage in my office as well as for those of you who live far away! This is very exciting! I want all moms to have this available to them to allow their bodies to experience a natural labor.


Wonderful News! Scott and I were married on New Years Eve 2017! Our night was  magical in every way surrounded by wonderful family and friends!

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Smith

Natural Labor Induction Couples Classes

Shared Care: The invaluable role your husband/partner plays in your labor.

Many of my prenatal moms have asked me to share some inducement pointers with their birth coach. Whether this is your husband or partner you may now come to Featherstones studio and attend a fun, hands on class that will allow you to prepare for a Natural labor progression. I will be teaching and assisting couples how to safely and naturally induce labor. This class will instill confidence and bonding as well reducing the need for a medically induced labor.

The class schedule and fees will be posted soon under a new page titled CLASSES. Hope to see you soon in a class that will enhance your entire birthing experience.

An Added Service: Scheduled Cesarean Birth Doula

Six years ago I went through my Birth Doula classes with the intent of attending births of my clients.  This was a natural progression for me as prenatal massage has been my specialty for the past twenty years. Becoming a Birth Doula was just one more step that I wanted to achieve so I could be available to all women and their partners who desire additional emotional and physical support during their birth experience.

 Because my massage practice is as busy as it is, thankfully, I have not been available to attend births. I have not felt that it would be right to leave my many devoted regular clients without an appointment. The solution to this is to be available for my moms who will be having scheduled cesarean sections. There is as much a need for a Doula at a C section as a natural delivery. Please read more on my Massage page.

Please contact me to become more informed or to schedule an appointment of discussion.

This is an added service to the many other massage and healing techniques of my practice.


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