“I have known Leigh professionally and have been a client of hers for the past eight years. I have always felt comfortable with referring my patients to Leigh to receive prenatal, induction and breech turning massage. She sees her clients as a whole person. She meets with you prior to the massage to truly assess your needs. Her hands are gifted and she knows how to administer therapy.”

Katie Parsons, Certified Nurse Midwife

“I have been referring obstetric patients to Leigh for Induction massage for the past ten years and trust her judgment and skills implicitly. Pregnancy is a time of excitement but also of anxiety at times, especially when a patient is anticipating a possible medical induction of labor. Induction massage offers the possibility of avoiding medical intervention and it has been successful for many of my patients.”

Michelle Manware MMSC, Certified Physicians Assistant

“As a Doula, I have sent many of my clients to Leigh for induction massage. Whether it is a first time mom or a mother having her third baby, Leigh has a way of making them feel totally at ease. She gives them the confidence to believe in the birth process. Many a labor has begun because of Leigh’s amazing induction massage!”

Luanne Richardson, Certified Doula, DONA

Client Testimonials

I went to Featherstones for an induction massage during my 39th week of pregnancy. Was 1cm dilated and 60% effaced. My appointment was on a Wednesday and I went into labor the following afternoon! It was truly amazing how the massage worked to get the contractions going. I would recommend getting the induction massage to any woman who wants to “get the show on the road”. It was a wonderful experience and I will definitely come back again.

I had my induction massage in the morning and began having contractions the same afternoon. By evening I was having much more definite labor signs. I delivered the following afternoon! Thank you so much for the massage and energy work. It was the best ever!! I have sung your praises to everyone.

After my induction massage I started having contractions right away and went to the hospital that night at midnight. Everything happened rather quickly and I delivered the next afternoon. I just wanted to thank you for your help and will most certainly be back for baby number 3!

You were right! I went into labor six hours after the induction massage and delivered the next afternoon!

Thank you for everything!

I heard about Leigh from a friend. I was in my final weeks of my third pregnancy and was more than ready to have my baby! I booked an appointment for the induction massage out of desperation but not really knowing what to expect. It was not only the best massage I have ever received but I went into labor three hours after I left my appointment. My son was born the next day!! Leigh has a gentle and spiritual way about her and helped to remind me of the magic of childbirth so I could celebrate Sam’s arrival into the world.

I tried many methods of inducing labor without any success. I was beyond the point of ready! A friend recommended Leigh to me and said that she does a prenatal induction massage. I was a little skeptical but thought that a massage would calm me down and feel fantastic. I was right. The massage was great and she even taught me some breathing exercises that were new to me. I ended up in labor the same evening and delivered our daughter the following morning! A skeptic no longer! I know where I will be going regularly throughout my next pregnancy!

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