In Home Labor Inducement Technique

If you are unable to come into my office for your Natural Inducement Massage this link will enable you, with the assistance of a partner, to induce your labor safely and naturally in the comfort of your home. The following information and directions will prepare you for this beautiful experience. This will allow your body to begin labor in a natural progression, without the use of drugs. The success rate in my office ranges between 92- 95 %. If you follow the instructions on the video, you should have a successful result as well.  As stated there is NO guarantee. However, the number of moms that deliver after this technique is very high. A positive outcome is considered a success when delivery occurs in four 24 hour periods (24 -96 hours) once the technique has been performed.There is no better way of entering labor than in a safe and natural state. (i.e.  no inducement medications (ex: Pitocin) to speed up the labor process.)

Inducing Labor Naturally and Successfully

My passion is to assist women during all stages of pregnancy. I receive my referrals from obstetricians, gynecologists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, midwives and doulas, as well as my clients.

I now would like to share my technique with the prenatal population who cannot visit me personally in my studio, due to distance. I feel that it is important for you to know that there are options for entering labor, and that labor does not have to be medically induced in many cases.

Purchase the Digital Video here

Benefits of Labor Inducement Video
Purchase the Digital Video here

  1. Convenience and comfort of being in your own environment
  2. Beginning the labor process in a safe and natural progression
  3. Reducing the need for a medically induced labor
  4. Learning a non-invasive technique to stimulate labor while also being relaxed
  5. The technique is relaxing as well as therapeutic. It instills a feeling of well being
  6. The Inducement massage in my office encompasses the technique, a massage and energy work which is highly effective but you are only with me for 90 minutes. You now have the ability to learn this technique and use it through all the stages of labor and delivery including the delivery of the placenta.
  7. 60% of all Cesarean births in the United States are due to “Failure to Progress”. By learning this inducement technique you will help the labor to progress.
  8. Mom’s who are low in stress keep their unborn babies low in stress!




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