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Natural Labor Induction Couples Class

Shared Care: The invaluable role your husband/partner plays in your labor

Located at Featherstones Massage Therapy and Birth Studio
161 Summer Street, Kingston, MA

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We are in an era of wanting everything in our lives to be as natural and healthy as possible. We believe that our bodies deserve to be nourished with the healthiest food and hydrated with the cleanest water. Our homes should be free of toxins. We spend more time exercising and we take more vitamins and supplements to achieve maximum health.

This is especially true if you are expecting a child. By creating a healthy life style for yourself, you are also protecting the health of your unborn baby. Throughout the nine months of pregnancy, you omit unhealthy foods, beverages, tobacco, and medications, because your first priority is your baby. Each of your should be based on what is the best for the new life growing inside of you.

As time nears for delivery, you may choose to take a class at your hospital so you will be informed and prepared for birth. Many women plan to have a natural childbirth. This makes sense as we strive to live as much of a natural life as possible.

You also have the option to achieve a natural labor progression in a safe and non-intrusive way without the use of medication.

The role that fathers/partners play in pregnancy and labor has increased. Their presence can provide invaluable support to the new mom. Recognizing their key role, I am excited to share techniques that will prepare the body for a natural labor with the partner who will be in the delivery room coaching you.

Due to high demand, I am now teaching couples to safely and naturally induce labor. My intent is to help you prepare for a natural labor progression. I hope you will choose to include this class into your labor and delivery plan. A natural birth plan from conception to delivery, including a natural labor.

I have induced labor naturally in my private practice for over sixteen years and my success rate ranges from 92-95%


The Benefits

  • Convenience and comfort of being in your own environment
  • Beginning the labor process in a safe and natural progression
  • Reducing the need for a medically induced labor
  • Learning a non-invasive technique to stimulate labor while also being relaxed
  • Build confidence to assist your partner and become an intricate part of the labor and delivery
  • Learn the technique and utilize it through all stages of labor and delivery including the delivery of the placenta
  • 60% of all Cesarean births in the United States are due to “Failure to Progress”. By learning this inducement technique you will help labor to progress

What to Expect

Once you arrive at Featherstones, you will find yourself relaxed and eager to spend the next 2-3 hours learning about natural labor.

After registration has been completed, there will be a time for getting comfortable and acquainted with the other couples. This will be followed by an explanation of the massage as well as relaxation and breathing techniques.

You will then be instructed on how to lie on the special prenatal massage table. YES…. It does have the holes to accommodate the belly and breasts. Ahhhh…

The instruction will begin. You will begin by lying on your back and then have a chance to lay face down for the remainder of the technique. Heaven…. Your partner will be instructed how to perform the technique with my assistance. I will be working between all tables with hands on instruction.

Once the learning session has been completed, we will gather again for questions and answers. Please allow two and half to three hours for the entire class.

Each massage space has privacy. But if you are very modest you may want to book a private class in my studio.

In a world of speeding everything up including birth, allow this technique to bring you into a “slow down” mode.

Embrace the final days of pregnancy

Relax, Breathe, Enjoy

What to Wear and What to Bring

  • Completed client in-take forms. Please print the forms found at the bottom of this page.
  • A comfortable bathing suit or yoga top. One that does not cover your belly.
  • A comfortable bathing suit bottom or short yoga shorts.
  • A robe and water
  • Partners should dress comfortably

You will be lying under a sheet and blanket and propped with pillows on the massage table. You will always be draped except for the area we are working on. Your comfort and privacy are a priority.

How to Schedule a Class

Check for a class and time that will work into your schedule on the website under Couples Classes.
Call or email Featherstones to check for availability and to secure your space.
Your credit card number will secure your space.  Maximum of three couples per class

Class Schedule

Classes are held by request.  Please contact us for more details.

Class Fee and Forms of Payment

The fee of $225 may be paid on the day of the class by credit card, check or cash.
A 24 hour cancellation is appreciated to enable other couples to join the class.
Of course the exception of illness or delivery is understood. In the case that neither takes place and you do not attend the class your credit card will be charged 50% of the class fee.

I look forward to assisting all of you in a successful Natural Labor Induction

Thank you for allowing your baby to receive this natural option and for helping to increase the awareness of achieving a natural labor.



So thankful for my induction massage I had last Friday! Went into labor the next day and had my sweet baby girl! Thank you so much Leigh!! Alycia

I heard about Leigh from a friend. I was in my final weeks of my third pregnancy and was more than ready to have my baby! I booked an appointment for the induction massage out of desperation but not really knowing what to expect. It was not only the best massage I have ever received but I went into labor three hours after I left my appointment. My son was born the next day!! Leigh has a gentle and spiritual way about her and helped to remind me of the magic of childbirth so I could celebrate Sam’s arrival into the world. Nikki

I tried many methods of inducing labor without any success. I was beyond the point of ready! A friend recommended Leigh to me and said that she does a prenatal induction massage. I was a little skeptical but thought that a massage would calm me down and feel fantastic. I was right. The massage was great and she even taught me some breathing exercises that were new to me. I ended up in labor the same evening and delivered our daughter the following morning! A skeptic no longer! I know where I will be going regularly throughout my next pregnancy!Stephanie

“I have known Leigh professionally and have been a client of hers for the past eight years. I have always felt comfortable with referring my patients to Leigh to receive prenatal, induction and breech turning massage. She sees her clients as a whole person. She meets with you prior to the massage to truly assess your needs. Her hands are gifted and she knows how to administer therapy.”
Katie Parsons, Certified Nurse Midwife

“I have been referring obstetric patients to Leigh for Induction massage for the past ten years and trust her judgment and skills implicitly. Pregnancy is a time of excitement but also of anxiety at times, especially when a patient is anticipating a possible medical induction of labor. Induction massage offers the possibility of avoiding medical intervention and it has been successful for many of my patients.”
Michelle Manware MMSC, Certified Physicians Assistant

“As a Doula, I have sent many of my clients to Leigh for induction massage. Whether it is a first time mom or a mother having her third baby, Leigh has a way of making them feel totally at ease. She gives them the confidence to believe in the birth process. Many a labor has begun because of Leigh’s amazing induction massage!”
Luanne Richardson, Certified Doula, DONA

Printable Forms

Massage Registraion Form

Prenatal Information Form


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