Featherstones Shares Tips for Inducing Labor Naturally

Featherstones Shares Tips for Inducing Labor Naturally
Prenatal Massage Expert Shares Techniques for Soon-to-Be Parents


Kingston, MA…September 22, 2015…Leigh Barton Lench, prenatal massage therapist and owner of Featherstones Massage Therapy and Birth Studio, shares techniques that she has devised and tested among hundreds of women to help prepare moms for a natural labor experience.  With a success rate ranging from 92-95% in helping mothers go into labor naturally, Lench has developed key techniques for pregnant women who wish to avoid drug-induced labors.


According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, nearly one-third of births continue to be delivered by cesarean annually.  Recognizing the growing trend that women prefer to deliver babies naturally, not by cesarean, and drug-free (without Pitocin), Lench has dedicated much of her work to assisting pregnant women and their partners with techniques for inducing labor naturally.  Detailed information is available via the video, A Natural Labor Inducement Technique, available on amazon.com.



Tips to Achieve a Natural Labor

  1. Relax.  The more controlling you become, the more stress you will experience.  Babies take on their mothers stress and Cortisol which is a stress hormone.  If the mom is stressed, the baby is stressed.  If your muscles are tightened because you are anxious, it will be harder to go into labor naturally.  Take nice walks in nature with your partner.  This will allow you to bond together, get some exercise, bring fresh air into your lungs, and de-stress.
  2. Consider yoga.  A prenatal yoga class will allow your muscles and joints to prepare for labor and child birth.  This is also wonderful for keeping you grounded and maintaining lower stress levels.
  3. Take time to creatively visualize the kind of birth you want.  Become your baby and realize what he/she is going through in his/her final stages.  Your baby is also preparing for its journey.

    4. Remain thankful, grateful, and blessed to have been given the most precious gift we can receive.  Keep your breath slow and controlled and your eye on the prize.  There is an end to the pregnancy.

    5. Enjoy a massage.  Moms who have a massage during pregnancy have a higher rate of having a baby born at term.  A massage reduces the strain of the muscles of the lower back, abdomen, and shoulders.  Muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints will enjoy greater flexibility, which is important during labor.  The instruction in the video, The Natural Labor Induction Technique, will help you identify detailed massage and pressure points to help induce labor naturally.


Also recognizing the growing importance of the fathers’/partners’ role in pregnancy and labor, Lench has announced Natural Labor Induction Couples Classes.  These three-hour classes are for couples to learn the key techniques for a natural labor plan.  Fathers and partners will learn proper massage methods, key pressure points, and techniques that can be used throughout the entire labor.  Classes are conducted in small groups or in private.


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Based in Kingston, MA, Featherstones (www.featherstonesin.com) is a full-service Therapeutic Massage and Birth Studio, headed by Leigh Lench, a licensed massage therapist since 1999.  She has many years of experience in massage therapy, prenatal massage, Cranio-Sacral therapy, and Reiki with Soul therapy.  Her passion is bringing awareness to the prenatal population about natural alternatives as well as information regarding safe prenatal care.  Lench has assisted more than 800 women with prenatal care from preconception to the last days of their pregnancy.  Her practice also encompasses work with pre- and post-surgical patients, in her office, hospitals, and in private homes.  Lench also sees clients who have had joint injuries, strokes, or cancer, as well as children with Cerebral Palsy, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, sensory and cognitive disorders, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, and asthma.  Lench’s popular video:  A Natural Labor Inducement Technique is available on amazon.com.  For more information about Featherstones, please visit www.featherstonesinc.com.

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