A Natural Labor Inducement Technique Video

In 2012 I decided that it was important for the prenatal population to know more about natural labor inducement. I have been naturally inducing my prenatal clients for fifteen years with a success rate of 90%. Knowing that I am unable to fit all the local moms into my schedule, as well as helping everyone around the country I knew it was important to share my technique with all of you!

I filmed the video in the summer of 2012. The mom that I induced, with the help of her partner, is a midwife. For many years she sent me prenatal clients who wanted to receive prenatal massage and at term receive the inducement massage. Now it was her turn. She did go into labor naturally and delivered their son the following day.

The first process of creating the film was akin to actually being pregnant! It took nine long months of growth and discovery. Once the film was completed I was exhausted! Just like you are at the end of your nine months. I decided to put the video on my website with hopes that some people would find it. I knew it was a long shot but I didn’t have the energy at that point to begin a marketing campaign.

Last Fall after the video had been there for one year I decided that “my baby” needed to get out of the crib and learn to crawl. And just as a baby crawls for five months before walking so did the next step for the video. The designing and printing of the cover and the duplication process took exactly five months.

Now the video is walking! It is available for sale through Amazon.com and I am excited to know that my passion has come to fruition. Sharing this with all of you is exactly what I intended to do two years ago. I hope that by utilizing this technique that you will embrace the beginning stages of labor in a safe and natural way.

I wish you all a happy birth.


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